Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I am a student midwife, quickly approaching graduation in June. I am preparing to travel to Port Vila, Vanuatu from April 22 to May 15th. I will be traveling with my fabulous classmate Sara, and we will be volunteering at Vila Central Hospital, caring for birthing women and babies.

I just applied for my passport yesterday! My airline tickets were purchased months ago, and a payment has been made toward our lodging. We are currently trying to gather much needed donations for the hospital.

List of most needed items:
Small chux pads
Blood pressure cuffs
Digital thermometers
Non-sterile gloves
Disposable gowns
Ultrasound gel
Electronic Fetal Monitor Probes

We also welcome Paypal donations!


  1. Yay Kyla! Hey I have a glucometer you can take (though I remember there being one in the nursery), but I can't imagine that they would be able to get strips and batteries though...
    Yay for Vanuatu. Where you gonna stay?

  2. Hey, sorry, I just realized I have comments here! Haha, I'm a big slacker I guess. I'd be happy to take the glucometer if it would be of use to them, and if the strips and batteries could be gotten. Hmmm...

    We're staying at Tradewinds.