Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 2 (Hideaway Island and snorkeling-Kylas first time!!)

Here we are, day 2 of our adventure in Vanuatu. We arrived yesterday bright and early at 1am. We were greeted by an amazing string band at the airport (not just for us-but I am a big reggae fan so this music is awesome) and a man holding a sign saying "Grundie" that was taking us to our hostel. haha! Just when I thought I had a funny enough name already...

We arrived at our hostel, Tradewinds, that is probably the best hostel I have ever stayed at. You walk in and there is a pool and a beer pong table. Er I mean ping pong table and barbeque right beside it. In fact, Kyla and I are bbq'ing some local fish called...uh...actually...I forget what its called but it was right beside the reef fish at the market. Oh, Kyla just said it was called Cherry Perch. I thought it was Sunny Fish. Close enough.

In our bungalow is a kitchen, bathroom with a big shower and 2 twin beds and a couch and tv and dvd player. We have everything we could possibly need. We are very lucky. Being here really opens your eyes about HOW lucky we actually are. I always knew that money doesn't buy happiness...and that is truly evident regarding the Ni-Vanuatu people. The hostel is right in the middle of the village and local huts and small houses surround us. The roads are dirt and there are clothes hanging everywhere and chickens, ratty dogs, and children running around everywhere. The kids are so sweet and all say hello when we pass by them. It feels weird to walk by them today with our snorkel equipment in our white foreigners. :(

Despite how poor people are here...they seem content and very nice. Today, was a wonderful day. We went snorkeling at Haidaway Island. A bus ride is taken (the buses are small vans) to a spot where a boat docks and then it takes people over to the island. You have to pay a fee to get on the island, but we got a reduced rate due to being volunteers at the hospital. We haven't actually made it to the hospital yet but we plan to go tomorrow for our first shift. So, we decided that we were going to make the most of another day off before going to "work". Snorkeling, and just hanging out on Haidaway was amazing! The local beer called Tusker is also really good. We may have been indulging just a tad. Now, we are about to eat our fish with an avacado and mango salsa Kyla made from the produce we picked up from the market. I could actually write a whole otehr entry on how much I loved that market. Fresh massive avacados for 30 vatu (30 cents) and so much other yummy stuff that I had to ask what it was. The lady would just look at me and go "huh?" They didnt understand that I didnt know what the vegetable was. So, we just bought it anyway. I cant wait to tray all the stuff we got. Pretty much that was the cheapest place/thing we have experienced since being here.

Port Vila is a city, or large town located right on the ocean. However, there does not appear to be anywhere to just walk to from our hostel if you want to spend time on the beach. So, I suppose it will be a bit of a treck when we want to do that.

Anyhoooo I better go. Dinner's ready!

Sara XO

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