Saturday, April 24, 2010

Finally in Vanuatu!

We arrived in Fiji at 5 am yesterday, and didn't fly out until 1030 pm. Our flight was delayed due to technical difficulties, then rescheduled. They put us up at the Trans International Hotel for several hours and gave us vouchers for lunch and dinner. We spent a little time swimming and lounging around the pool, took naps, and ate some delicious food.

 The plane that took us to Fiji

We got in to Port Vila a little after midnight this am local time. Fortunately our transport to the hotel saw that our flight was delayed and was there to pick us up. I was so happy to lie down and sleep in a bed that was to be mine for more than a few hours! We walked into town to do some exploring this morning, but it seems we were a little earlier than most, and it's sunday here so a lot of things were closed. Got some food at a little cafe in town, and had surprisingly yummy coffee. We found an adapter that will work with our 3-pronged laptop cords, and they had one to loan us here as well, so now we can both charge our laptops! Maybe even get some homework done...

I think we're going to take one more day to settle in and adjust to the new time zone, then go in to the hospital. Photos are really slow to load, so will do a few but most probably won't be posted until we're back.

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  1. Love you ladies. I am glad you made it there safely :)